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Recycling is the process of turning waste paper or waste paper into a prime product. Most recovered paper is recycled back into paper or paperboard products. With a few exceptions, recovered paper is recycled into a grade similar or lower quality than the original.

The economic and environmental benefits of paper recycling are immense and it has developed into a fast growing industry worldwide. Paper is made pre-dominantly from trees. However it is a common misconception that using less paper or recycling paper will save trees. Trees which are used to make paper are grown as a crop in a sustainable basis all over the world. Every stage of the process, from the tree farms till the paper mill are built on principles of economic and ecological sustainability

The real benefits of recycling are:

Power and water conservation
Every tone of recycled paper saves 30,000 liters of water and 3000-4000 kWh of energy.
Recycled paper produces 28% less emissions to the atmosphere since it is not usually re-bleached with chlorine. Modern bleaching in recycling plants uses oxygen which is less polluting..
Paper degrades when in a landfill, releasing methane into the atmosphere. Methane is a common greenhouse gas. Recycling is a safer alternative to it.