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Waste Paper Recycling
Secure Destruction Services
Stock Lot Rolls
Products / Waste Paper / Continental Europe and United Kingdom

Mix Paper
Old Corrugates Cartons (OCC)
Flower Boxes
Fruit Boxes
Tobacco boxes
New corrugated cuttings (NCC)
Kraft Carrier Board (KCB)
Multi wall paper bags
News & Pams
Over issue news paper (OINP)
Old magazines (OMG)
Magazine trims
Coated Book Stock (CBS)
Multi Grade
Sorted office Pack/Sorted color letters (SOP)
Cup stock
Unprinted cup stock with poly on one side, all sulphate
Cup stock poly coated on one side with printing on poly, all sulphate
Cup stock with one side poly and printing on poly with BCTMP in the middle layer
Cup stock un printed with both side poly with 5% BCTMP
Plastic White Envelopes (PWE)
Hard White Shavings/ Soft White Shavings (HWS/SWS)
Scan Board
Box board cuttings (BBC)
Steel Mill Kraft
Woody shavings